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Advanced Level is for kids who know how to perform advanced exercises such as over splits with arch, back leg holds or acrobatics, but they need to get stronger and faster.

Classes Schedule
Sunday at 11am PST
Wednesday at 4:00pm PST

If for any reason an Advanced Level kid needs to join class at a different time, or if she/he would like to join 3 classes per week, she/he is welcome to join the Intermediate or Pro Level classes as a second option. 

2nd Option Schedule
Monday at 10:00am PST - with Pro Level
Tuesday at 4:00pm PST - with Intermediate Level
Thursday at 3
:30pPST - with Pro Level
Friday at 1
:30pm PST - with Pro Level

Joining Intermediate Level:
In this case she/he is probably going to be the leader and example for the class. The exercises are going to be the same ones, but we might need to work just a little bit slower.

Joining Pro Level:
The biggest difference between these 2 classes is again the speed, and difficulty of the acrobatic movements. In some cases the Advanced Level kid might need to skip/modify some of the most difficult exercises in order to be able to follow the speed of the class. 

Joining a Pro Level class means that I expect the Advanced Level kid to give their 100% in every exercise. I won't be giving basic feedback such as constant reminders of pointed toes/straighten knees, because I expect a high level of effort in order to achieve the highest quality of the movements.

Please avoid joining Pro Level if you are injured, or have any type of soreness or pain that won't allow you to follow the high speed and intensity of the class.

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