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A Guide to Your Goals

After competing as a high level athlete in Rhythmic Gymnastics for 10 years, I began coaching and developing my career in the Sports Industry in 2008. Through my ambition to always keep learning, I have acquired a wide knowledge of the sports industry.  


My experience and passion have driven me to create this flexibility and conditioning training program, with the main goal of helping dancers and athletes develop their potential. I will help you increase your body control, achieve proper body lines, and excel in your execution technique to perform better jumps, balances, turns and acrobatic skills.

"My training is focused on improving the amplitude of your movements by developing flexible and strong muscles.

I take great pride in the progress and success of my students, from beginners to advanced levels.

I truly believe that everything is possible if you work for it, so let's work together to achieve all your goals!"


Work Experience

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